About Us

Ambassador PCB was founded to provide World Class Interconnect Solutions to our customers. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to providing the best Contract Manufacturing, Wiring Harness and Printed Circuit Board solutions in the world.

You can rely on our experience because:

  • - We've been in the electronics industry for more than 25 years;
  • - Ambassador PCB supplies companies of all sizes from new start-up businesses to Fortune 100 companies;
  • - Our knowledge spans a variety of industries including: medical, consumer, industrial, and gaming with a wide variety of products We have a very efficient factory located in upstate New York;
  • - Our engineering staff is available before, during and after the sale to provide you with continued support.

Software Capabilities 

Our professional staff utilize the latest tools and software development life cycle principles to transparently manage and deliver quality products.  

Application Services

Board Support Package Development

Custom hardware development requires specialized services for; hardware verification, bootloader development, operating system porting and custom device drivers;

● Embedded Application Development

Real-time Operating System applications or embedded Linux and specialized user interfaces development for product development;

● Android Development

Porting Android to custom hardware, application development and platform customization services in Java and native languages;

● Device Driver Development

Develop custom device drivers for both Windows and Linux environments;  

● Graphical User Interface Development

Android, Qt Embedded, Windows and custom graphical interface development;  

● Safety Critical Development and Certification  

Medical and Avionic certification experience for both US and EU markets. 

Project Management

● Agile development methodologies are applied to all aspects of development. This enables rapid development and provides the opportunity to tweak the specification during the development process;  

● Each project is setup with an online collaboration environment to ensure transparency, security and teamwork;

● Expertise employing geographically dispersed teams, effectively and efficiently. 

Technical Capabilities 

Operating Systems 

● FreeRTOS

● Linux

● Android

● Windows 


● Java / JavaScript

● C / C++




● ARM 7/9/11/15

● ARM M0/M3/M4

● MSP430

● x86 

Manufacturers: STMicroelectronics, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Intel, NVIDIA, Atmel, Nordic Semiconductor, and more…. 


● Ethernet

● Wifi

● Bluetooth Smart


● Cellular

● USB/Serial and Parallel interfaces 

Manufacturers: Broadcom, Marvell, Texas Instruments, Nordic Semiconductor, Intel, Ralink, Atheros and more….